Chocolat Radio

like eating chocolate through your ears

Chocolate radio

Great minds cultivate other (great) minds or maybe I’m just lucky that I have friends that like to share cool stuff via social media instead of just bragging with the latest <insert whatever here>.

That’s how Chocolate Radio came to my attention and hasn’t left since even though I’ve had quite a few tasks for today. It’s the type of internet radio that isn’t too mellow to put you into a relaxed/nap time state of mind where you get nothing done but it’s not that upbeat that you loose track of what you have to do because you’re too busy with that killer air guitar riff.

It’s the perfect audio distraction for life @work and getting things done one tidious task at a time. Also it’s a great way to discover new music such as two great covers one for No diggity by Chet Faker and the other for Get Lucky by Karen Souza.

To listen to it just follow the link

Have a great, relaxed Monday!



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