They Asked, We Listened: Joy CX and Product Development

I wrote a few weeks ago about how you can grow your product team for free. It might sound like a growth-hacking gimmick, but it’s not. We can back it up with a real, timely product update driven almost entirely by user feedback.

Customer first, at all costs

Last night we deployed the most significant update to Joy since our launch last fall: Login-less RSVP. Now that we’ve released the first phase of our new guest management system, couples’ guests no longer have to create an account in order to see their wedding website or RSVP. This is a fundamental change to our product, one that reduces friction for our users, but in ways undermines our organic growth. Now that guests no longer have to sign up with Joy to RSVP or see the couple’s wedding website, we effectively throttle our user acquisition.

But at Joy we believe community makes love stronger—and we do that by eliminating the barriers between couples and the people who love and support them. Without knowing it, we created our own barrier by requiring guests to create accounts. We knew that if we failed to respond to the overwhelming feedback, we’d not only lose couples, it’d be dishonest. If we are truly motivated by the conviction that community makes love stronger, and we truly want to make it easier for our couples to feel supported, then the only thing to do—the right thing to do—was respond to our users, build Joy in such a way that makes good on our promise, and to double down on growth in new ways.

So, we did it. We responded and rebuilt our guest management system to reflect this demand from our users.* And the response has been overwhelming. Our brides- and grooms-to-be are very, very happy—and so are we.

*It’s only after your guests see a wedding website and/or RSVP when they’ll be prompted to create an account — and it’s totally optional. (You didn’t think we’d get rid of it entirely, did you?)