Don’t get trapped: Outsmart your job description

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Coming from a very conservative family, safety and consistency were always the goals for a good life. “Go to school! graduate! Be the best in your class!” and the most painful one: “find a great job at a large company where you can work for 30 years and retire!.” However, the thought of permanency that previous generations experienced is much rarer nowadays.

In recent times, we have also experienced traumatic economic events that make us seek calm and security in everything we do, as stated by career coach Matt Youngquist, president of Career Horizons in Bellevue, Washington, in an article…

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Over the years many people, including many of my co-workers from previous companies I have worked for, have approached me and asked me why I chose to leave the corporate world in exchange for the startup world. Considering I worked for 8 years for one of the largest membership organizations for towing and roadside assistance and built a name and an amazing network within, to many it didn’t make sense for me to drop such a career progression on its tracks. However, as it happens, I hit a turning point in my late 20’s and I did the unimaginable —…

Calixto Quan

Calixto is a veteran in the automotive and tech industries with a passion for entertainment, gaming and creative work.

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