One More Year in Waipahu…

A blog about my goals for this 2018–19 school year as a senior, and my current plans after graduating High School.

Plans are still a mystery (cred: Behance)

After a lengthy, but enjoyable 17 years [and counting], I finally made it to my concluding year of being a Waipahu High School student. From chasing opportunity after opportunity to maintaining my 4.1 GPA, the end is almost prevalent. However, this does not mean that “senioritis” will get the best of me. I still have my goals and dreams of mine yet to be accomplished. So here they are:

If I had to name my top goal for this final year, then it would be to finish this school year as a Valedictorian with all possible Waipahu High School honors. Yeah, it sounds like the dull Filipino and/or Asian expectation of all parents to their childs, especially ones that are the only child in their families. But, I feel that it is more driven by myself than anyone else. Naturally, people call me a competitive student, and at this point, I do not reject that claim at all. School is an academic institution after all, so I might as well achieve what I can get right? I always wanted to be a Valedictorian ever since I was a youngster anyways.

Also, my coding goals for this school year are to (1) relearn JavaScript, (2) intake as much coding skills from this class, and (3) take home a win or award in at least one hackathon this year. To be honest, the first goal is the main driving force to achieve the second and third goal. My JavaScript knowledge in my junior year was very rough, and personally, I took the least amount of effort trying to learn it compared to HTML and CSS. It’s almost as if I forgot absolutely everything about JS apart from the very basic document.getElementById, document.write, console.log, and var code. Patenting that end of my coding skill-set should allow me to achieve goal two and three fairly confidently. To comment on hackathons, I feel like my presentation skills are great (so long as adrenaline doesn’t take over) with a bit of practice and my coding skills could be improved in the JS department.

Found this on Reddit couple days ago 😂(cred: OdeToCode)

Apart from those academic-related goals, here’s a couple things I want to achieve personally:

  1. Relearning guitar and learn a couple new songs (e.g. Rewrite The Stars)
  2. Start a YouTube/Twitch podcast with my friends (eventually I will)
  3. Get a girlfriend (oof, Jarren’s EXPOSED… just “chance em handsome”)
  4. Perform something at Senior Prom (maybe, it’s just an idea for now)
  5. Play basketball consistently, and fix my shooting form (yeah, it’s broke at the moment.. k)
  6. Achieve as much local or online scholarship money as possible (I need it fam)

For just a quick 7th goal, I should probably make a website similar or on par as Zak’s website (plug: ). Hey, I have to start my Software Engineering journey somewhere, am I right? 😄 👌

My mindset remains to alter and change in some form or fashion almost everyday. I run though so many scenarios in my head to see what I want for my future (just like Doctor Strange’s 14 million outcomes in Infinity War).

That’s me right now in a nutshell (Cred: Tenor)

But, at this point in time, I feel as if I will graduate high school and pursue Computer Science in a mainland college. I am looking at UT Austin, University Of Washington (Seattle), UCLA, UC Berkeley, and a variety of schools that have emerging tech hub locations. I plan to acquire a Master’s Degree in CS and acquire a entry-level Software Engineer position. To live up to my greatest potential, I see myself elsewhere apart from home that I can achieve this plan, which is just a matter of more college money. But, at some point, I see myself coming home along with my software engineering experience I acquired from wherever I would be from.

In terms of where I want to work, I have a wide range of options for myself to choose from. Software engineering can go from security-related encrypting to video game code development. The options are literally endless, and I love this comfortable tech path because of it. If I had to name a company right now that I want to work for at least once in my life, then it has to be Blizzard Entertainment. Their future for video game development is amazing and I really want to be apart of that future one day. Google, Amazon, and Apple all intrigue me as well, but not to the extent of how I feel for Blizzard Entertainment right now [at 17 years of age Jarren Calizo; my mind always can change]. A start-up may also sound nice if the right company presents itself.

In terms of mini plans for the future, I want to have a running YouTube channel eventually either focused on podcasts or video game walk-throughs. Maybe I can innovate a video game application that I can record myself playing as well. It would be pretty nice to do if I go along that path. Another thing could be to acquire some free-lance writing or coding jobs here and there. Finally, a major plan I have for the future is to find that special someone and have a family (maybe back in Oahu at some point). It is still far away from now, but eventually I want to pass along a mini me or two for our society to look out for (lol). To be honest, I cannot see myself being alone in this journey I plan on undertaking. I just see myself with someone to live it with me. I just have to wait and see for what the future holds for me (^_^) /.

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Thank you all for reading! Here lies a few links of my social media profiles and my GitHub user. Hope you all enjoyed.

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