Not as complicated after all? 😅 (PC: Databox)

Learning the Craft

Stacking at it’s finest (PC: VironIT)

My Honest Take

Plans are still a mystery (cred: Behance)

A Reflection of This Year’s Major Group Coding 1 Project

A 404 error page done right 😊👌 (PC: Pinterest)

What is this detail?


I love interactive websites, but will I enjoy making one? 🤔 (PC: AcademindYT)

The Tricky Prediction

Yeah.. I chose to go overboard alright // No Regrets 💪😎 (PC: DigitalMusicNews)

Quick Reminder

The Webpage Mock-up Selection

Typewriter or Computer? I don’t exactly know 😅😅 (PC: Wix)

The Gist of HTML

Jarren Calizo

Programming with a Passion ( ^_^)/ || Senior at Waipahu High School 🔵😅 || @aloha_jxrren

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