Creative contests on the blockchain provides a (semi) decentralized framework for creative contests of all sorts, allowing everybody to create a contest, participate in a contest and/or vote for a contest-participant. Each contest is represented as smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, defining all the crucial parameters and each participation and each vote correspond to a transaction, ensuring full transparency of the whole participation and voting process.

Huge variety of benefits

From call4contest anybody benefits. A contest creator might be a publisher who is looking for new stories for an anthology, or pictures for next year’s calendar. He or she might be working for an agency and look for new social media pictures, or maybe he or she wants to advertise a new product and is in need for a slogan or advertising text. A startup might be looking for a logo, a filmmaking student could be looking for a script, a manager could gather creative solutions to a complex problem, a talent scout might find rising stars … Anybody can create a contest to get inspired or simply out of fun or the monetary aspect, since creators have the chance to claim part of the income for themselves.

A contest participant might be a photographer looking to showcase his work, a writer trying to get established in the scene, a texter hoping to find new clients, a band aiming to gain new fans, a youtuber trying to increase his publicity or simply somebody who wants to win prizes and have fun, maybe even to make a living from his or her creative work.

The voter or “regular user” finds a source of entertainment. He or she might be looking for inspirations, might be eager to dicover new music, might want to learn new dance moves, might image him or herself far away by looking at exotic photographies, might find all kinds of content he or she is interested in. By voting he or she does not only support his or her favourite artist, but might also win a prize if he or she is lucky in the raffle.

You can find the full concept on our website.

Support creativity

With our platform we aim to support artists worldwide and we have been working passionately for several weeks to make our vision come true, but there is still a long way to go: improve the user experience, enhance the design, do marketing and add all of the planned additional features which will increase call4contest’s potential and customizability of contests even more. You can help us quicken this process drastically.

Gain up to 50% in short time

When investing in our project, you will be rewarded with a return value of up to 150% of your investment. The return rate decreases with the amount of Ether raised. You can always check the status and the current rate on our website.

The first person to invest is the first person to be paid out, followed by the second one, the third one and so on. Currently, there are 10% fees on each contest. Each time a contest is closed, those fees will be transfered to the intermediary contract, which forwards the amount to the investors if there are any and else to the call4contest wallet address. This way, all of the platform’s profit goes completly and directly to the investors, until each and everyone received the promised return value.

We are confident, profits will rise quickly over the first months as users start discovering the platform, but please note that we cannot assure this outcome. Payback will only be made from profits. There’s no way to get the money back earlier. If the project should fail, your money will be lost. However, we would not invest as much time and work as we do, if we would not believe in its success.

This is not an ICO as it does not have a fixed start and end date and there is no minimum goal.We are not trying to sell a mere concept or idea, but already built a running platform.