Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Callaghan O’Connor is a veteran real estate agent and investor.

Callaghan O’Connor, Real Estate Agent and Investor from Victoria, BC

Throughout primary school and high school, he discovered and became highly engaged when it came to sports, particularly in hockey. After graduation, he even spent some time playing for teams in the British Columbia Hockey League and Western Hockey League.

Although aspiring to play hockey professionally, Callaghan decided not to…

Callaghan O’Connor Realtor is experienced enough to know which real estate industries will work the best in Victoria, BC. Since real estate incorporates a variety of options for investors, reviewing all the possibilities will help potential buyers make informed decisions.

The Four Types of Real Estate Investments

Real estate has historically been one of the most secure…

Callaghan O'Connor

Callaghan O’Connor is a Realtor based in Victoria, BC. He has an approachable and down to earth personality that instills immediate confidence and trust.

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