Catalog Management Challenges Faced By eCommerce Merchants

Inconsistent data on catalogs is an issue faced by most of the businesses operating in the eCommerce vertical. Managing the huge volumes of data posted on online product catalogs is both time-consuming and tedious. This is the reason why a lot of enterprises today are settling for subpar information, in spite of so much competition in the market. Following are the top catalog management challenges faced by eCommerce merchants:

• A lot of merchants depend on 3rd party or supplier data, which certainly is not as per industry standards. The imparted information often has grammatical and factual errors that call for editing and paraphrasing.

• Consistency in the published data on each page is another challenge faced by businesses. As each product is different, its features vary and so does the length of information published alongside.

• Another challenge faced by organizations operating in this vertical is meeting customer quality expectations. The consumers who shop online are well aware and educated, which is the reason why they assess the quality of data published on catalogs before purchasing anything.

• Some eCommerce merchants sell on multiple channels or websites like Amazon and eBay, which makes it difficult to maintain information consistency for the same product sold on different platforms.

• Apart from all this, most of the Ecommerce merchants do not have a centralized PIM or product information management system. This system is crucial for managing catalogs and posting information that is accurate and meets quality standards.

All these challenges make outsourcing a pragmatic decision for managing catalogs, as the outsourcing service providers are equipped to meet such challenges. Today, a huge number of eCommerce merchants depend on outsourced catalog management services to make their product catalogs flawless.

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