Don’t Let the Bottlenecks Impact Profitability of Your Call Centre.

In today’s competitive environment, every organization works towards achieveing greater profitability, and contact centres are no different. Businesses across all sectors are considering to outsource their non-strategic chores to specialized outsourcing companies India with an aim to cutback overlays, streamline diverse operations through a single window, and to outmaneuver their competitors. Thus, it is immensely important for a call centre provider to have right strategies and resources in place to cater to the different needs of different business. There is no second thought to it that a call centre that fails to comprehend its customers’ needs and does not serve them in the right way will soon become obsolete.

Let’s glean through some of the critical factors that can help call centres to mark their indubitable presence in today’s hyper-connected world:

Workflow Approach: According to a report, most of the call centres store their data on different systems, and moving this data from one system to another, or from one campaign to other, is a big problem, as it causes delays, increases the probability of errors and risks. The best solution to deal with this situation is to keep all such data in one unified database. A database enables call centre agents to seek information, whenever required, without causing any delay. Centralizing distinct data eliminates the need for re-encoding data that is stored somewhere else. Maintaining a database also proves helpful in curtailing errors occurred due to multiple entries and too much human intervention. Besides curbing human-made errors, workflow based approach saves your agents’ precious time and lets them focus on their work.

Blending: It is not a sagacious decision to double the workforce to cater to the increased number of calls. Typically, this happens because of statistical traffic spreading principle, which is known as Trunking. Indeed, big setup call centres benefit from economies of scale, which is a difficult affair for small-scale call centres. The best way out is to opt for blending. Blending allows mixing traffic coming from different campaigns to the same pool of call centre agents. The four types of blending are — Inbound blending, Outbound blending, Inbound and Outbound blending, and Media blending. It is required that agents should be trained on different campaigns, so that they can manage multiple campaigns according to the need of the hour.

Overflowed Call Routing: Most of the call centres have systems that are confined to slow and get easily overflowed during high traffic hours. To put it simply, when the waiting time in a queue exceeds the limit, the traffic is routed to another queue. Thus, it is important to have the right technology that can keep a track of calls inflow and route the traffic to other agents to handle. This, in turn, will enable call centres to uniformly spread the traffic between different teams and meet their service level agreements.

Predictive Dialer: Indeed, managing outbound traffic in a way that the flow of calls remains hassle-free and controlled is not easy for many outsourcing companies India. According to experts, using a predictive dialler helps in taking in account the average time required to accomplish a particular interaction, and directs the next call when the call centre agents. It is important to have power-packed predicative diallers in place to gauge the efficiency of a particular campaign and to reduce the abandon rate.

Customer Profiling: For a call centre — the most important thing is its database, which allows them to discover their customer base and start their campaign or next activity. It is also referred as customer profiling. Thus, it is indispensable that your call centre have well-equipped systems with advanced data filters, from which the required data or information can be fetched when needed.

This is not an exhaustive list. There are a host of other factors, as well, that can help call centres to serve their customers better and drive their profit motifs.

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