Know Which Type of Leads are Generating Revenues

In this competitive environment, every business is looking forward for the best ways to increase its revenue streams. Lead generation is one of the important parts of a business that helps in accelerating profitability. In this article, we will discuss the ways to determine which types of leads are crucial to grow revenue.

Important ways to find the better sources of converting leads

Lead qualification and attribution are the basic foundations of all revenue analysis. But, the main thing is how do you know which campaigns are working best, where you should spend your time and capital to bring revenues? Or more importantly, which channels are best to reach your customers and actually fruitful? With the advancement of technology, it becomes feasible to measure marketing efforts. However, it is important to know what you could measure and what you are actually measuring.

If you are running a campaign which is completely based on the number of conversions it yields, you might be skipping an important part of the puzzle. Here one question arises– how do you close the gap and accumulate data that exhibits which leads are really converting?

To get the quality leads, you will need to arrange some tools to track the origins of your sales and leads. Here is a rundown of some important ways that help you in lifting up the revenue generation cycle.

Google analytics: It is extremely important to know which specific marketing efforts are producing sales because it can make a huge difference in your marketing strategy. So the question is how do you track that? Google Analytics is the perfect tool that allows you to create different “goals” and “events” to track various actions. On the basis of your sales objective, you can take different actions to get people convert into customer. Perhaps, you are trying to record an individual information including email address, phone number, etc. by offering informational rich content such as white paper. Or, some people might be ready to connect with the sales professional for a discussion. On top of that, someone may sign up for a service by entering their credit card information. So, by creating goal and events, you will be able to track a lead throughout its life cycle. With this, you can measure individual visitor actions, which helps you to understand your user’s engagement and eventually discover high quality leads.

Dashboards: Dashboard application helps you to quickly pull data from diverse sources and display them together at one place. It provides “at­­-a-glance” summary of the data which you need to track in real-time. It gives in-depth details about some key performance indicators such as follow-up dates and activities, conversion rates, pipeline reports, attribution channels, source tracking (online and offline). In current times, most of the effective lead generation call centre employ automated data capture and lead management tools to screen for high quality leads without missing any opportunity. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in call centre records each and every detail about a customer and thus reveals the path the customer has taken to reach their current status. This type of lead management helps refine your sales process, identify channels and campaigns that are productive and track the lead footprints to determine areas that you can optimise.

Integrate marketing automation tools: Software like Hubspot is very effective to attract new customers, convert leads and close transactions by streamlining inbound marketing efforts. By using a powerful marketing automation platform, you can track which leads are generating revenue from your marketing efforts. You should use such software to truly getting a grasp on where your leads originate. Moreover, you can tweak your marketing efforts to drive more revenue without any hassle.

Many leading b2b telemarketing companies use the latest technology and tools to identify quality leads that generate revenues. You can outsource lead generation services to a reliable vendor to reap the major benefits.

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