Some Important Ways to Manage Sales Leads

In current times, every business is looking forward to increase their revenue streams. One of the key attributes of a campaign to uplift revenue is lead management. Without a well-defined process of lead management, a company will not nurture leads and grow properly. Leads can be derived in a number of ways. Companies majorly focus on generating more and more leads. But when it comes to managing those leads, most of the companies get struck with unplanned ways that yields no results.

After generating leads, your ability to convert a prospect into customer along your sales funnel starts with lead management. In this article, you can see some proven ways to manage leads and avoid destroying lucrative sales opportunities.

Incorporate sales organisation in the definition of a lead: Do you know the meaning of lead? Is it merely a contact? An opt-in? Or a prospect who has shown interest after a few calls? Well, sales organisaiton defines leads in a different manner. Herein, the key is to combine your sales force under a single objective, well-defined a lead. When does a prospect convert into a lead? This question needs to be answered.

Did you aware with the fact that 90 percent of leads that come in never gone through the sales department? Lead generation in-charge never got around to determine who is the right person to receive that lead? In this way, it gets routed to the wrong person. Or it might be the case that the lead isn’t a lead yet–meaning it is not sales-ready.

In both situations, the sales professional would not be able to move the prospect into the sales funnel. They will be doing efforts but nothing rewarding comes out. This eventually causes them to move on to hotter leads which are much insignificant when it comes to quality. In order to increase the sales, the sales staff and rest of the department should have a definite understanding of what a sales lead is.

Don’t ignore lead nurturing: Sales and marketing are like two sides of a coin. They stay together–but never come along. Sales personnel complains about the quality and quantity of leads received from marketing team. This is one of the biggest issues that a large number of companies are facing. Well, there are two reasons that prevent sales growth: leads are not enough and leads are not appropriate. The key solution to this problem is lead nurturing that does it job well. Developing prospects into sales-ready leads is a major challenge for many companies and lead nurturing is the perfect solution for that. So, don’t ignore the importance of nurturing leads while filling the sales pipeline. According to a study by SiriusDecisions, 80% of bad leads in B2B takes an average of two years to convert. Lead nurturing programs fast-track the sales process.

Distribute leads quickly: If you don’t work quickly on the leads, there are chances that you might lose leads. Various studies have revealed that sales personnel need to respond to leads within a time frame of 48 hours. However, with how sales have evolved in modern time and the means of gathering leads have changed, this number dropped dramatically. Most of the appropriate lead generation call centres contact customers within an hour of receiving the lead because this will provide the immediate responds.

It is true that leads bring life to any company. But at the same time, when they are not managed well in a reliable corporate call centre, they can devastate business growth. Consider these aforementioned ways to fast-track the sales in your organisation.