What Responsibilities Call Centre Agents Perform in a Call Centre Firm?

In a call centre firm, a call centre executive plays an important role between a client and the parent company. Generally, the role is to make or respond to the telephone calls of an organisation in order to fulfill customer requirements efficiently. Besides, the role can be to promote products/services, conduct market research & surveys, sell products, and perform management function. In a call centre company where customers use other modes of communication rather than telephone, they may also deal with live chats and email enquiries to sort out the customer concerns.

In this article, we shall throw light on the main responsibilities of a call centre agents.

Establishing a good image & rapport: Do you know that a call centre agent is the first point of contact with a client or customer who has query? A customer care representative is a significant resource that build first point of contact between your customer and client business. Therefore, he/ she has a big responsibility of establishing a good image for the company. He/ she must project the right kind of attitude in delivering resolution to the customers. In addition to this, a call centre agent also builds instant rapport with the customer so that it becomes easier to provide best solution to customer requirements.

Effective communication: In call centre outsourcing services, agents should effectively communicate with the prospective clients to fulfill the desired objective. Customer care representatives talk professionally with the customers and address their demands efficiently. Communication plays a vital role in building your positive image with your customers. He/ she should learn to question and accumulate all possible information about the issue. A skilled executive always communicates well and ensure that the customer’s calls are transferred to the appropriate department where it get resolved. Talented agents persuade the communication in a positive way. He/she also calls back, takes messages, send emails within stipulated time frame.

Handle different customers: A customer care representative has to deal with different kinds of customers based on different scenarios. He/ she should be able to satisfy the frustrated customer in better way. He should be very polite in nature and handle annoyed customers firmly. He should listen the call proactively and understands the customer requirement clearly and then provide the solution in the best possible way. To put it simply, a call centre agent has to work on human psychology to ensure that every customer demand is fulfilled.

Make calls and take follow-ups: Many call centre agents’ job is not only confined to handle customer’s queries, but they have to make calls in order to sale product/ service on behalf of client’s company. In such a case, call centre agent has to make cold calls or call up a prospective customer in order to sell a company’s products and services. Besides this, call centre agents take follow ups from the prospects who showed interest in the product/ service. They should be very polite while performing a cold call.

Maintain telephone etiquettes: It is the primary responsibility of a call centre executive to maintain a good telephone etiquettes. They should never cut down a call abruptly, talk too loudly on phone or being rude with the customer. A call centre agent should possess excellent telephone skills so that when they talk to a customer, he/she never will never get disappointed. Also, they should modulate pitch so that a customer feels good about the call and satisfied with the solution.

In short, a call centre executive working in an leading international call centre has a primary task of handling a customer and applying skills over a telephone interaction in order to expand the customer base of a company.

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