How I started to Love my life — My journey

Taking it back…

2 years ago my life looked different, I had 2 young sons and was working full time on contract at what was supposed to be my dream design job. I loved the work BUT I missed my kids. My life looked exactly how I imagined but it didn’t feel how I expected. I started listening to podcasts and reading blogs on all sorts of topics and came across @chalenejohnson podcast. There was an amazing episode called overcome overwhelm which talked through an excerise about thinking about your life and what you want from it. You start with the end in mind and then you reverse engineer the steps needed to get to it. The contract ended and i made a difficult decision and commitment to only work part time. I knew it would be extremely hard to find part time work, I wasn’t wrong.

Meanwhile I thought I should start a business to create some income, I did and it made money and it LOST money. It left me in debt. BUT I learnt so much. For the first time in a long time I had a sense of purpose and direction, I’d taken the time to really think about what I wanted to do or be. Working to pay the bills, get a nice

it’s good but it’s not all you are, there’s so much more to you! I learnt to start overcoming my anxiety, move on from post natal depression, see limiting beliefs for what they truly are and still take action, to be purposeful and live more intentionally. I discovered that I actually love the entrepreneurial side of me that I didn’t believe existed, I love to encourage other women who are full of fear and anxiety that holds then back from stepping out into their calling, that I want to share my stories so others can be inspired and believe in a world of opportunity and believe the best of themselves.
Fast forward 2 years — I’ve had the courage to put my first printable planner into the world! This was the culumination of the various things that I did and learnt and used that helped me, and still help me to keep moving forward, sticking on my path and living a life aligned with my core beliefs and purpose. Journalling, quiet time, encouraging words, planning ahead, gratitude, reflection, lessons learnt.

Goal setting, reviewing goals, daily to do list, focusing on 3 things a day, chunking down goals, understanding what’s important to me and planning it into my life, task planning.


Focusing on how I want my life to be, to feel, learning to being content where I am but fuelled to go forward. Ultimately so I can love my life. Today I work part time and work on my passion project Called Out Living around that and my family. I get to pick up my son from school and sit in class with him in the morning, I get to spend days with my younger son who will start school in September. I get to meet a whole lot of interesting women who are building businesses and or lives that are intentional and have purpose, to be part of some amazing communities with like minded women like @marieforleo #Bschool@hilaryrushford #elegantexcellence and countless others. I haven’t arrived, I don’t think we ever do but I’m that much nearer! Who’s with me?! I’m calling you out too, join me