“How is that in any way fair?” “Great, more men beating women in their own division!”

These are things I hear pretty often. Look, I get it- you’re uncomfortable with the idea that someone in a “male body” could compete against women who were, well, born as women. Most of that fear comes from directly just being a flat out bigot, and other than that, it…

First things first: you have to look the part. If you aren’t swagged TF out in some of this season’s hottest clothing trends (sold exclusively at Zumies!), don’t even waste your time leaving your house to go skate. Second, don’t wear anything childish. Skateboarding is something not meant to be…

SkateIDSA’s President on skateboarding education, his next race, and where it all began.

Meet Joner Strauss. He’s not only the founder and current president of SkateIDSA, but infinitely more: he’s an expert event organizer and an educational program designer in skateboarding for kids of all disciplines.

Joner’s been building pumptracks with Velosolutions for the last four years, which introduced Skateboarding Supercross to the…

SkateIDSA’s newest board member Angela Menck Kuhn on expanding distance skateboarding, being an event host, and the value of racing.

Meet Angela Menck Kuhn. She’s the host with the most, and the Pacific Northwest’s esteemed multi-tasker: taking on multiple responsibilities from event hosting, writing, marketing, fundraising, parenting, and being one of few SkateIDSA board members.

New to the squad of skaters and leaders that make up the board, Angela has…

SkateIDSA’s Recent Rule Revision Paves Way for Transgender Athletes

Miami, USA 09–10–2018
SkateIDSA — International Distance and Supercross Association

Miami, FL: The Skate International Distance and Supercross Association updated its rules to protect the right for transgender athletes to compete with their gender. Rule 4.3 explains its dedication to diversity, inclusion, and equality among competitors by creating a…

You’re one of the lucky few. One of those crazy people idolized by your friends for your ambition and bravery. You packed up everything, planned it all out, spent thousands on preparations, and embarked on your fantasized adventure. You endured hard days, amazing days, good weather, bad weather, loneliness and…

Calleigh Little

Adventurer. Self publisher. Web developer. Professional athlete. Country crosser.

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