EDTS140 Module 3

  1. When have you participated in a learning experience in which Directed, guided, independent has been a flow of learning? How did it help or hinder you to learn?

Learning experiences that incorporate directed, guided and independent learning flow intend to help the learner. Learning experience that provides a scaffold to independent learning are more likely to achieve learning intentions as the students have a better understanding of the task. These types of lesson are especially important when introducing a new technology skill such as scratch as students have no previous knowledge on the task. This type of learning is similar to Bloom Taxonomy theory where you provide simple activities which become more complex. I personally believe this type of learning is beneficial for the learner as it ultimately provides a guideline to success.

2. How does Project Based Learning prepare students for the 21st Century workplace environment we researched and discussed in our first Module?

Project based learning actively prepares students for 21st workplace. The main reason for this is student learn how to successful collaborative with others. Learning this skill is vital for the workforce as often jobs involve working with others. To be able to work with others who have different interest and skills is a necessary skill. Student need to understand how to be open to others opinion and thoughts. Project based learning encourages students to be open-minded therefore allowing them to be able to communicate ideas better in the workplace.

Project based learning also encourages students to think outside the box. Student engage in system, design and computational thinking which is necessary within the 21st century. Project based learning stimulates students creatively and ultimately change their way of thinking which can benefit the future. For instance, sustainable method such as renewable energy sources such as wind turbines.

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