New Blogger

(Mangold, 2012)

I am now a new blogger on the block, well at least on medium. So I will first like to welcome my new readers and take you on a journey with me. The purpose of my blog is to engage readers and provide insight on the digital communication technologies unit. The following blog will allow my individual perspective on driving questions, weekly readings, tutorials and lectures. However, I will be supporting my opinions with research.

‘I Vanessa Calleja, as a Pre-Service Teacher enrolled into Australian Catholic University (ACU) affirm the principle of academic integrity and commit to upholding integrity by completing all academic assignments in the manner expected, with acknowledging all the work contained within the website is my own, expect when appropriate referencing is indicated.’

Throughout the up-coming blog I hope to past on a new perspective, insight and reflection of our digital world.

So sit back, relax and stay tuned …

New blogger x

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