(Skojec, 2016)

Glass half full!

Who Am I?

The pondering question every teenager goes through. Well I am eighteen years old, first year out of high school and studying a bachelor of primary education. This year has been the most difficult, but definitely the most rewarding year so far. I have had the privilege to start my university degree, whilst maintaining my part time job and developing new friendships.

I’m an individual who believes with ‘effort comes great reward’ and I hope to pass down this motto to the next generation. I hope to inspire my future students that they are no limitation unless you create them. I have always been a person who doubts my ability but I’m learning to move from this idea and look at the bright side. I believe you can always make a bad situation into a good one by looking at the positives. You could say I like to think of the glass half full rather than empty.

I come from an extremely supportive family who very much value education. I’m the youngest in my family and the last one to enter my university journey. I have become quite close with my family over the years. I recognise the importance of family and how truly lucky I am.

When I think of the phrase pre-service teacher, I smile instantly. I picture myself inside a classroom with the walls covered in schedules, student’s posters and my desk neating arranged (hopefully) … I think of the student’s excitement about entering my classroom and eager to learn.

The future is looking pretty bright x

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