Application Performance Management in the Real World

Have you ever been to a restaurant before when you have sat down, placed your order, only to have your waiter tell you 20 minutes later that their EPOS terminals have crashed? Not only will the engineer take an hour to fix it, but the waiters will have to run tickets by hand, there is a Christmas party of 50 due at 7:30, and your food will take at least another 40 minutes.

I can imagine you would be less than satisfied.

It is damaging to a company’s reputation when the back-end IT system encounters a problem, and efforts to fix it means the customer is not given priority. Failure to deliver application services due to data centre downtime is proven to cost $180,000 in lost revenue an hour, only emphasising the need for organisations to predict and prepare for such scenarios.

This highlights the importance of application performance management (APM) to go with an organisations existing IT systems. Having an APM solution in place is essential in spotting performance issues and bottle necks, and prioritising resources to resolve an issue before it becomes a major problem. Not only will it give end-to-end visibility of your enterprise environment, it will increase operational efficiency by detecting anomalies in real-time.

- Application Performance Management delivered by Prolifics

With the hospitality and retail sector being pushed to the limit at this time of year, knowing what is happening in your back-end systems is critical in maintaining a company’s revenue, and providing an exemplary customer experience.

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