“Middleware DIY”: Choosing the right solution for the job

If you have ever tried hanging a set of shelves on the wall, you will know that it is important to find the right tools to make sure it stays there. Sticky tack may work for a few seconds, super glue a few minutes, but everyone knows that screwing it firmly in place is most effective.

So why don’t businesses think the same when choosing their middleware?

Much like a nail is important at keeping the shelves on the wall, middleware is essential at maintaining the connections between IT applications and components, particularly in cloud, mobile and social computing. However, scrimping on an organisations middleware infrastructure will inevitably lead to repercussions.

We often hear in the press of companies exposing sensitive customer information through insecure APIs. This shows that despite organisations adopting the use of cloud, mobile and social, they are neglecting middleware.

Not only does an organisation need a middleware solution with effective security and management capabilities, but also one that is scalable, flexible, and able to meet future demand in line with business growth.

So remember, like nails holding up a shelf, picking the right middleware will help support your IT infrastructure for years to come.