Just a month into their performance, the show Cuba Under the Stars continues to attract audiences from across Miami

Cuba Under the Stars
Cuba bajo las estrellas

Who are some of the people behind the show?

The show has been put together due to the hard work and focus of some of the performing arts’ most talented individuals. The grand orchestra has been directed by Yoris Goiricelaya, while the dancers are performing under Henry Gual’s choreography.

What can audiences expect at the show?

Cuba Under the Stars

How is the show benefiting the local community?

It’s more than just a stage performance, however. The production has greatly impacted the local economy, providing Miami’s dancers, actors, and musicians with incrdible opportunities. It’s the perfect time to explore alternatives such as our very own Magic City. This is only the start, seeing as how this show alone has generated 250 jobs for 2 months and 125 jobs for 4 months of its run-time, and an overall economic turn worth $4m!



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