The Kendall Jenner Pepsi Creative Brief

What is the problem advertising can solve?

For years, Pepsi has embodied the youthful spirit of change-makers: consumers who challenge the status quo and turn to a can of Pepsi to reinforce their values. But in a world where the trend is “trading down” to non-carbonated beverages, Pepsi is losing its relevance among the Millennials that champion our vision. We need to take back the equity of what we stand for and always have: THE PEPSI GENERATION.

Who are we talking to?


But more like, younger Millennials that are into doing stuff. Especially attractive ones because #attractivelivesmatter. Not ALL of them have to be white people but a few other non-whites are cool. Especially if they’re into white people stuff like Cellos and shit. We should also toss in some mixed race people because research shows that Hitler wasn’t down with other races mixing and according to Simmons data, most people feel super un-chill about that guy.

We also did a $125,000 quantitive analysis and discovered these kiddos are REALLY into political stuff. Like, super duper. Some are into right wing thingies and while they buy the most Pepsi, most are hella liberal who are pissed about authority figures that stand in the way of co-opting their identities through social movements or whatever. Their will is kinda weak so we can totally get on this bandwagon and convince them our sugar water leads to self-liberation.

And why we know that kids hating their overlords hasn’t changed since forever, we saw this photo of a black girl at a parade (?) giving this thing (a letter? I dunno let’s find a minority in accounting to vet this) to some cops at a protest and we were all like “DUDE! WHAT IF SHE GAVE THE SCARY COPS A PEPSI!??!?!?” That would totally slay. It would make us part of their lives again. That’s what the people want. It’s what the PEPSI GENERATION NEEDS RIGHT NOW.



Strategic Main Idea

Kendall Jenner is banging, relevant and vibes on sharing a Pepsi.

We know Coke kinda did this 40 years ago after Don Draper dropped acid in California and found himself and was all like “SHARE A COKE” but this is different. Our equity is strong. Bitch, we’re the mutha fucking Pepsi Generation. #draperfail #wutwut. Plus Kendall shares the Pepsi with this Latio-esque cop that could also be a stripper and winks really well at the end. Va-va-voom baby.

Reasons to Believe

Our soda comes in cans: usually blue cans but we also have black cans now. Brad and the top brass suggested #allblackcansmatter as a social “movement” but one of our project managers thought that was about butts and not our globally unifying soda drink so we’re looking into it.

Our soda can be held in one hand: this is cool because people can HAND THE CAN over to another human’s HAND. Pretty dope.

We did a campaign called “The Pepsi Generation” in 1963: because we keep re-hashing the same business strategy for over forty years maybe some people will remember it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but we haven’t really thought too hard about it. Honestly, it’s friggin’ hard to sell diabetes causing sugar water guys. So in a risk-adverse corporate culture we’ll just be doing the same thing we’ve always done and cross our fingers. If anything our Taco Bell and Dorito sales are carrying us to kick-ass-ness so we can ride this wave a little longer #dgaf.

Our in-house agency totally rules: srlsy, we get creative better than anyone. Anything we touch turns to gold bullion and we pay 1/3 as much if we used an ad agency. Vom to them. Brad totally dissed them in a boner inspiring speech and we’re so effing proud. We save SO MUCH money now that feeds our insane bonus structure and we don’t have to deal with hacks that argue with us with like, logic and shit. Fuck ’em.


Television spot that inspires a MOVEMENT.


We’re always topical. We’re fucking Pepsi. And we will liberate the shit out of the world whenever we want to.

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