Amazing Companies Create An Amazing Experience

For both their clients & employees, by creating a culutre that everyone believes in.

To love what you do, you have to either work for yourself or for a company that respects it’s employees & clients, but has morals, ethics, and supports you.

I'm fortunate enough to be working for one such company, and it's in car sales. To some it may be a surprise that the company offers amazing benefits, genuinely cares about its people on a personal level, and offers our clients a low-pressure, transparent, and easy enviroment.

Amoung other things, such as investing in not only the product, but the technology, both hardware & software, that we use daily, the company I work for... what I consider my company, puts a lot into their people and the culture of the company.

During my four hour interview I was asked various situational questions, about my background at and outside of work, and was told a lot about the company, their beliefs, and that they truly prefer a cultural fit over someone who can perform any day of the week. Simply because that person will help continue to drive for the company because of the culutre, topped with benefits that start on day one, and just having co-workers and bosses who care about you, and aren't there to burn you, but help you.

To top things off, those of us that are comission based are paid the same no matter what we sell. With us be so customer & experience focused we can’t blow through fifty customers in a day and maintain the top notch customer experience that we thrive for. This forces us to slow down and make sure we truly work with each customer and help them find what they are looking for, and not find them a car because we are trying to make a sale.

We also let people wonder the lot, if you want to just look, then look. If you want help, great. We also have our cars unlocked so you can just jump right in and see how it all feels or works. Everything is geared at being fast, easy, and transparent. We even show you all your financial decisions and you choose what you want, no one decides anything for you.

I tend not to use names of my jobs in any articles or blogs. But I hope you have worked with my company, or do in the future so you'll see a better side of the car shopping experience.

Everything contained within is my own opinion, and I haven’t been asked or compensated in anyway for this piece.

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