I Live In Seattle, And Don’t Drink Starbucks

Because there is more to coffee than Starbucks

I don’t dislike Starbucks, but they just don’t do it for me as a coffee shop or as a brand of coffee. Which is crazy because I live in the Starbucks capital of the world, Seattle, Washington.

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In August of 2016, my girlfriend and I moved to a town about 25 minutes outside of Seattle, Washington, on a whim basically. When we moved here I lost a little bit of myself, because Starbucks is such a big name up here that the other coffee houses and roasters aren’t as prominent. I also find that some are small chains that have tried to imitate Starbucks and haven’t done it well.

My girlfriend calls me a coffee snob, and while I don’t care for that term, I can say I’m picky with my coffee and don’t want just any coffee or bean. I want a bean with flavor, with a body, and I’d like it to be at least somewhat versatile whether I want to drink my coffee black or add something extra to it.

Now everyone has their own idea of what’s good. I’m not trying to knock that idea at all. But what I do want to do is employed you to branch out and try some more coffee.

Buy a whole bean, that aren’t in the bulk containers at the grocery store. Grind it up, but only enough for one or two cups that way it stays fresh longer, and the bean doesn’t die out and lose all it’s flavor, strength, and overall potency. Brew it up and enjoy.

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Now before you ask, you don’t buy bulk beans from the bulk section at the store because those containers are typically open or don’t seal correctly. They‘re typically transparent, and the constant exposure to light dulls the bean. You’ll wants to keep them in a dark container, dry, and I recommend you don’t grind them until you use them. That way they don’t lose their potency, flavor, or aroma.

I know for some people this seems like, and is, a lot. But it is a step in the right direction in brewing yourself a better cup of coffee.

You could even take the easier road out of that, by going to a smaller coffee house or roaster. A lot of them now roast their own beans, and offer their own coffee. Though that doesn’t mean it’s good. But branch out and try it.

I’m actually working on a photo essay around this topic, which you’ll seen soon, and hope you’ll enjoy it. I’ll update this piece once I’ve finished that.

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