Looks Count

When your trying to sell a product or service.

Something that is often forgotten, is proper packaging, design, and the overall visual aesthetic of something like the packaging for a product, the look of your website, or a piece of marketing material, such as a flyer or manual.

Beauty may only be skin deep, but it does grab the eye and attention of your tArgent customer or clients. In some cases the product can be complete rubbish, but how it looKS all packed up sells us.

A great example is the packaging for MetroMile's metronome device and manual that you receive when you sign-up for their per-mile insurance.

I shot these photos last year, but they're still great pieces and I feel that a big part of that is because their simple but beautiful design gave me something great to shoot.

I have no affiliation with MetroMile, other than being a former customer.

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