My Daily Grind

Did you see what I did there?

Every morning, assuming I wake up early enough, I make a cup of coffee. For those that have read my previous piece, I Live In Seattle And Don’t Drink Starbucks, know I’m a bit of coffee snob or so my girlfriend says.

Part of that routine doesn’t just consist of slopping some grounds into a paper filter.

I’m currently grinding a whole bean, that I got as a gift from an old boss. It’s from Old Soul Co., out of Sacramento, California. Which I’ve had the pleasure of visiting and enjoying as fresh as it gets.

I take a half scoop, roughly, and toss it into the grinder. I do try not to wake my girlfriend though. But if I do, I just make her a cup of her Yuban.

While it does depend on what exactly your brewing, I like to do a fine grind on my beans, creating a powder, and then pack it as tight as possible. This works well for espresso, but I find I get a better cup of coffee.

As you can tell I use a Krueig, however I also like to use a stove top espresso brewer, and have been looking at a french press or a drip filter.

What kind of coffee do you like, and how do you like it?

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