You Have To Love What You Do.

wrote this back in July of 2016, during a particularly interesting time in life. There are two sections, the first is the original article, the second was written to describe what actually happened.

The Moment We Knew We Had To Change.

A few days ago my girlfriend, her mom, and I went on a long weekend. For me and my girlfriend a weekend is special as we both work retail and we don’t get two days off in a row. For us that’s a weekend. Over those three days we went to Santa Cruz, San Francisco, the Charles Shulz museum in Santa Rosa just to name a few places. All of which was paid by her mother as an extremely generous gift from a women who is in no way rich or “load”. To which I want to publicly thank her again if she is reading this.

Now we are back at our jobs working with co-workers and dealing with customers. It pays the bills. This weekend made us realize we were in a rut. We broke the mold and the rythm and realized we hate where we are and questioned what in the hell we are doing with our lives?

It has opened our eyes in a way, and made our daily rigamaro a choir and killed our desire for life, fun, and creativity. It’s also ignited our desire and need to be somewhere, anywhere, that isn’t where we are now.

That’s why we are really going to jump head first into something new and do what we want, and what we have to, to be happy and make a life for ourselves as a couple and individuals. So we’ve taken to requesting transfers at our job, looking for a new apartment and packing our small two bed room apartment up into a u-haul and moving to oregon.

I know someone is asking “why oregon?”, well It’s not Sacramento, nor is it California. It’s somewhere new and from everything we’ve seen It’s beautiful, relaxing, and creative. It even have some mountains which my girlfriend loves.

I’m finding out more and more how much you have to love what you do for a living and how you have to love where you are, who you are, who your with. If you don’t it tears at you, it eats you up inside, and for me it slowly but surely depresses you. You find your not as happy as you use to be or could be. Hell you even have a moment where someone else is doing so much more than you and you question what your doing with life.

I’m 23 years old and I might have learned this early on or really late, but you have to be happy. It isn’t easy, actually it currently feels almost impossible. But it’s something you have to want so bad that you’d do anything for it and bust your hump for it.

Where We Are Today

It’s April 13, 2017, about nine months after I wrote the first half of this. I’m sitting on my couch drinking a cup of Yuban coffee, because I still don’t have a coffee grinder to grind the amazing coffee beans my old boss gave me, staring out the window at a cold & rainy Washington landscape.

Today I can’t see Mt. Rainer, due to cloud coverage, all I know is that if It’s raining here it is probably snowing there.

How did we end up here in Washington you ask?

Well this is as close to home, that we could get for my girlfriend, without moving home. She is from Alaska and there is a lot of the same culture here. A lot of the same businesses that are there, can be found here, and it is really just a short flight home for us when we go visit.

It was also a virtually clean slate, giving us something new, exciting, and yes even a bit scary.

We both actually found careers here as well, leaving our old jobs behind only a few months ago. Now if you notice I said careers, and not jobs.

That is because these are careers, not jobs, that we have now. We love them, the companies take care of us and all their employees and we actually look forward to going to work.

I’m even more excited about hers, because she really does get to do something she loves for a living, as she works as a Ballroom dance instructor.

All in all Washington and this move have been a good choice, one that has had it’s problems and hiccups. But one that I’d make again and again.

You have to do what you love and take that risk. It isn’t easy and you may not succeed, but it will help you get that much closer to it, whatever it is. I think you’ll be happier and I know I smile a lot more now.

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