The Story of Fashion

Do you love fashion? Do you want to hear about how it started? Read now or forever hold your peace! It is hard to believe that a over a million years ago, cavemen were wearing nothing but rags made from animal hides. Over the years fashion has changed continuously, well known brands forming such as: Calvin Klein, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Dior, Louis Vuitton, etc. There are so many different styles of fashion these days that some people even decide to wear them all. However, there are times when fashion from a number of years ago comes back for a short time. For example, denim jackets were huge in the 80’s and 90’s, and now they are constantly around.

In ancient Rome, when there wasn’t a war going on, people wore togas (sheets) wrapped around them with sandals, and an occasional hair accessory. In the middle ages however, people, mostly the rich, were surrounded by jewels, corsets, long/flowy dresses, etc. It was definitely a huge time era for fashion. It lasted more than 300 years, with a few twists here and there. In the 1800’s, people used a huge excess of lace, corsets, layers, headwear, etc. Yet another fashionable era, despite the weather differences for women specifically. With that many layers, I’m surprised they survived am I right?! The roaring twenties. Wow! that’s an era nobody will ever forget. There was the flapper girl, which was where women cut their hair short, wore dresses that either shined or moved around when they did, sparkling headpieces, high heels no matter what occasion, and excessive makeup use. There was always a party going on, so this style was put in use for the right reason.

In each new decade, there seems to be a new trend that makes what used to be new old and just float away, as well as new themes. For the fifties, there were poodle skirts and Elvis. The sixties was filled with patterns of every piece of clothing and the Beatles. The seventies had afro hair and flared pants. The eighties had perms, neon colors, leg warmers, etc. Too much to describe for that era folks! The nineties constantly used cotton for jeans, jean jackets, overalls, I could keep going. The early two-thousands was very inspired by its good music, the style is honestly too hard to describe. It was very complex. Finally, here we are in the year of our lord, two-thousand-seventeen. We have everything! Whether it is lace, leather, cotton, the whole shebang, every brand has their own view on style, and every person has their own way of dressing. The fashion world now is diverse, and will stay that way for a very long time.

Every country has had it’s own vision of fashion, such as Italy, France, Spain, the U.K., and America; which are also a few of the top fashion capitals in the world. They even have their own fashion shows yearly. Fashion is constantly changing, and in the fashion world’s mind, it is their job to show the world their new ideas and creations, even if their products are worth over a thousand dollars. However, not every country is fortunate enough to even have clothes. For example, the people in Africa wear homemade clothing that can be of vibrant colors, but not much to wear overall. Most people walk barefoot around the rocky streets.

Throughout history, there have been several well-known designers of fashion, who have made a huge difference in the fashion world. Coco Chanel was one of them. Coco Chanel was a French designer who looked at fashion differently. She believed that women could wear more than just dresses and skirts. She believed they could also wear pants in every day life. In the beginning, she was a girl who came from nothing, and then she became a women who started her company from the ground up and became one of the most well known designers in history. Even though she has been dead for over forty years, her design is still remembered and used continuously, whether it is her perfume or clothing. Christian Dior is another well-known designer, most famous for his idea of women’s clothing and perfume. His main focus was on the looks of women. Most of his work was dresses, but he made even the casual dresses have a formal twist to them.

The world of fashion is like a never-ending story. It never ceases to impress. Either the change is good or not, it’s still there. Fashion is part of life, humans need it, otherwise it would not be so attractive. Like mentioned before, the early two-thousands fashion was based on music, today clothing now has too many muses to count. Fashion is both influenced by and influences many things. That one of the many perks of fashion, and it will stay that way indefinitely.

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