Staring at Climate Change in the Mountains of Death
Bruce Mirken

Bruce you’re a LIAR, this is not climate change due to fossil fuels, there is nothing about temperatures that are abnormal either the planet has cycles and we’re in one right now. This is purely environmentalism’s fault people just like you who have stopped the forest service from doing what they were intended to do and that is to manage our forests, GET REAL you people sue the government over and over again and they have settled with you and this is what we all get for them settling and this is allll over bud you people are done destroying our forests. There have always been droughts and there have always been beetles and there have always been fires when the forest weren’t managed and maintained, idiots who claim the climates changing, well yeah DUH the planet does change because it’s alive, its a living thing that breathes and shifts and moves and changes constantly. Yeah this is man made alright and we alllll know who to thank …YOU, thanks bruce for feeding the LIE and this is all proof that in this day and age with our society and more people living rural that people like you are a danger to our society and need to be shoved out of your lofty chairs in your big lofty soft lives dictating to all of us how things are going to be with our public forests and lands. And now we have what will be once again a thriving logging economy and only because of the destruction you have caused and brought to all of us, thanks again bruce good work, the double edged sword of environmentalism has won once again and shown its ugly ugly face.

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