Medium, by the Numbers
Chris Jones

Any chance you would share your basic Excel sheet? It would make a great product for writers who don’t know Excel. Especially if you add the following ideas to your data and instructions:

  1. Don’t type the data by hand. Sort your stats page by any of the columns other than date, click and drag to select it all, then paste as text into a new Excel file
  2. Select the data and turn it into a table — makes for easier sorting, etc. (You may already be doing this…)
  3. In your table, add the column “Type” for type of piece. This one you will need to do by hand, but Excel will help you. If each of your categories starts with a unique letter, typing that letter in the Type column will auto-fill with the category name.
  4. Learn to pivot your data. It will tell you even more about your audience. This is part of why you want the Type column.
  5. Find the word count and reading time for your pieces and add that information to your table. (This one is a bit harder to gather, but worth it.)

Finally, don’t always depend on the “views” column to be correct. There is a bug in the algorithm that doesn’t always pick up viewers and readers. You can have pieces with a higher number of recommends that views or reads. (I wish Medium Staff would put this one on their fix list…)

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