Incorrect Rating

I believe that the movie Pleasantville has an incorrect rating. Pleasantville is about two teenagers who end up in a black and white television show. The television show, Pleasantville, is as pure as can be. The residents in Pleasantville follow the order of society and never commit any “sins”. As you can imagine, this transformation for the two teenagers is a dramatic change. The main female character ends up changing Pleasantville by performing sexual acts and essentially bringing “sin” to Pleasantville. In 1998,the rating for Pleasantville was PG-13. As times changed, I believe that the rating of the movie should change. I think that the movie should be rated R for sexual purposes. One of the female characters masturbate and it is implied that she organisms. Also, most of the couples are showed “going down on each other”, implying that they are having sex. The majority of the sexual acts in this movie is implied, but I believe that it should still be Rated R for the implications. Nonetheless, Pleasantville is an exciting and eye opening movie that should be viewed, regardless of the rating.

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