Changing commuters travel habits with NEM

Can Blockchain Benefit the Environment?

Call me Ishmael
May 22, 2018 · 3 min read

We have seen a strong push by many startups that have a profound focus on creating green companies. Whether this be established organisations such as Tesla, creating a change in the consumers mentality by changing the vehicles used to travel and offering a product that is more environmentally friendly.

The startup that my colleagues and I have been working on is also within the commuting sector. We have seen a strong demand for the sharing economy in travel with companies such as; Uber, Lyft and Ola dominating their targeted market. Although are these organizations really environmentally friendly like they claim to be?

Studies conducted by a team at the university of California, Berkeley are seeking to establish this with the data from the study due to be released in coming months. However, there have been reports stating the ride hailing companies do tend to increase congestion levels.

These growth stages tend to have some setbacks however the innovations of these giants have truly changed the way many travel in an incredible way. Mobi is a carpooling company with the ridesharing principle of the mention organizations although we provide a strong point of difference. The driver must be travelling in the same direction as the rider. The trip will be made purely on a cost recovery basis. Therefore, Mobi’s target market is the work commute or university students, this is a similar concept to UberPool, which aims to rideshare in the purest form.

Mobi intends to also build on the NEM blockchain platform, as there are many key benefits to do so. These benefits include the obvious factors such as financial payments, which removes the need for third party payment portals allowing users to maximize their profits and minimize the fees. Transactions between parties are virtually instantaneous also, which is a strong benefit for the recipient in particular. Then there are other benefits such as an escrow account, which allows trustless accounts to transfer currency, tokens, data and other assets with each other.

Issues with social media giant, Facebook has proven that users data isn’t as safe as we would like to believe. NEM allows messages between rider and driver to be encrypted meaning that it is completely private and confidential. This is a policy we believe is vital at Mobi. Your data belongs to you!

There are countless other benefits that could be listed however these are just 3 basic uses that benefit the consumers. If you would like to find out more regarding the growth of NEM and how you could build on their platform I have attached the link below.

I truly believe that by providing blockchain technology to everyday commuters society will be able to not only decongest our roads but to also help our environment. NEM is not only helping to provide convenience for consumers of Mobi but also to helping our environment, which is a pivotal focus for the team at Mobi.

Mobi also has a telegram chat, if you would like to join and find out about recent up dates here is the link!

Hawkins, A, 2015, “Uber and Lyft will be the subjects of an environmental impact study”, The Verge, Viewed May 17th 2018,

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