27 Apps To Get Awesome Shit Done

Jessica Valenzuela
Nov 19, 2014 · 4 min read

I’m unashamed to call myself an app power user. Any app that lands on my device has to delight by design, have a killer intuitive user experience and deliver on any of the promises it made to earn its place.

As someone constantly on-the-go, juggling multiple projects and activities is something I love to do and do well. Admittedly, this lifestyle is only possible when I’m able to organize priorities and properly set realistic expectations. It also helps when you have an awesome team to collaborate with (I do!) and, thankfully, have access to awesome mobile technology.

A constellation of killer mobile apps for business users.

So here’s my top list of 27 apps I use (almost daily) to get awesome shit done.


  • Tempo AI, is a calendar app with built in artificial intelligence that preps you for every meeting and makes sure you’re on time. It works like a personal assistant — reminds me of meetings first thing in the AM and pushes a summary of who I’m meeting with 15 minutes prior.
  • MileIQ, is a beautiful app that tracks your driving miles for tax deduction. I love their logo, flat design and animations.
  • Expensify, makes it easy and intuitive for logging all your expenses while on the go.
  • Venmo, lets you split the bill with friends in a social payment app. It’s one of those great apps that just works after a quick 2-minute account set-up.
  • Noto, is a note taking app with super lean design and UX. It does its one simple job well: take notes while mobile.
  • GoogleMaps, the well known travel map with walking and driving directions comes in handy for someone who has little sense of direction, like me.
  • GMAIL, your everyday business email app (Inbox is only available for personal Google accounts at this time).
  • Yelp, impromptu lunch, dinner or drinks with a client? I use Yelp to find awesome and new spots to try.
  • Lyft, I love their Lyft Line! You can get anywhere in SF for $5-$10 and meet cool people on the drive.


  • Box and Dropbox, are super easy ways to collaborate with a remote teams on project documents.
  • Product Hunt, is a great source of inspiration when you love learning about new and innovative products.
  • Morning Reader, gives you your news fix daily via the web app. Again, love the flat design. It’s a prettier Reddit and Craigslist-like content feed with easy to use social sharing functionality.
  • Pocket, Did you like what was shared to you or content you found yourself? Pocket is great way to remember useful information. It is like Pinterest for business.
  • Linkedin, a great community for connecting with folks about opportunities and expertise.
  • Twitter, one of the communities that sparked the social revolution. I read and share content on design, UX, innovation and interesting mobile products and growth.
  • Facebook, well, because it is the second largest planet on Earth.
  • Instagram, sometimes you just need to laugh and be inspired.
  • Momentage, A twist on sharing and discovering captivating moments.
  • Buffer, is an easy to use social media control center. I use their web dashboard more than the app, but a great solution nonetheless.


  • Google Hangouts, we use it for all our client and team meetings. Full stop.
  • Tango, is a great way to connect with love ones and friends abroad. It works really well when connected to reliable wi-fi service.
  • Facebook Messenger, not a big fan of the design and interface, but i know I can reach almost anyone in my first to third-degree network.
  • Whats App, is my go to text messaging app when chatting with friends in different parts of the world.


  • AirBnb, lets me find an awesome place to stay when traveling for leisure locally and abroad. As a host, it makes it super easy to manage bookings and communicate with multiple guests at any given point in time.
  • Hotels, works for business and last minute trips that include our adorable pooch Mister Beckham (we do that often during weekend getaways). Hotels.com is a reliable place to find great deals and beautiful properties.
  • Kayak, is where I book my flights. Easy round-trip or multi-city planner.
  • Hipmunk, is awesome for researching and comparing flights down to the minute details and departures.

If you need more to satisfy your app cravings, Business Insider has a hefty compilation: The App 100: The World’s Greatest Apps. Enjoy!

About the author: Jessica Valenzuela is a customer focused product development leader and growth hacker. She’s helped enterprise app developer companies find product market fit and scale. Get to know her more on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the web.

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