Awareness starts with a conversation. Image created by Jessica Valenzuela dot com

Raising Awareness

Jessica Valenzuela
Oct 25, 2014 · 1 min read

A form may not change the world. It gets the conversation going. This week, Girls in Tech asked companies to close the gender pay through their raising awareness campaign.

As a female professional in male dominated industries — media, advertising, startups and technology, I am reminded every day that there are very few women in the space. Regardless of where I am sitting — at the vendor side or the client side or during executive meetings. I am surrounded by men 90% of the time. In my current role, I work and collaborate daily with four very talented geek guys.

Being the only woman in the room rocking high heels and a skirt while collaborating with men does not bother me. It does not mean that we should not recognize that there is room for more women at the table. Participate. #raisetech

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