Feast Burning

And her sins

Ring out to be the fuel

Behind my desires

Just as I call

She walks

Her hips slide across the earth

Her words slip past the best

Couldn’t it be

Just for one minute

Why must it be

Like it shouldn’t

I can’t help her

I can’t be near

She speaks from the ocean

I, beaten from the air

Diving for air

To hear her sweetness ring through

Where is she

Me, grabbing a chicken out the oven

Blue apron, red chili pepper

Spicy she is not

Peppered with the black

Seasoned with the salt

I burn in her presence

She smiles in mine

I am in a cult

Yea I admit

She is a demon

The devil of beauty

Hell seasoned with cayenne

Just a pinch

Just a hint

she drops

And I eat it all up

She is just unlike the rest

Give me a taste and


I will devour her

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