Consider the fact that, outside of the Netflix and TV universe, the only individuals of the MCU we’ve seen living with financial uncertainty has been that of Ant-Man, Bruce Banner (but only in THE INCREDIBLE HULK), or various villains like Whiplash and The Vulture.
Poor Peter Parker: The Gentrification of Spider-Man
Cameron Carpenter

I feel like you are shooting yourself in the foot here.

A Netflix series arguably has a global reach similar to a movie over time and Netflix has focused only on the superheroes from lesser means so far (including Iron Fist to some extent)

You mention the TV Universe but I would argue that TV supports your premise if you consider the biggest TV superheroes right now — The Arrow (formerly a billionaire now mayor) and The Flash (inherited an unnecessarily massive research center).

All in all, you have a good premise here that, I think, is worth expanding on by asking why.

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