Tout le monde dans le balcon

Her smile asks how am I

Her walk asks if I want to grab lunch


I stop in my tracks as I walk through the halls

My smile wishes to say hi

My stride says I want you


The act of dating is my enemy

I fail at it like a man fails at his dreams

She believes in me, I think

She wants me, I hope


Her walk says hello

Her smile says goodbye


Everyday I run

The moon above me asks

How did it go today

Will she be yours today

My run stops

My heart jumps and skips


I can’t say, buddy — I whisper


Her dress says I have been thinking of you

Her smile says I can’t right now


I wave across the room

She moves and shifts down the hall

Her smile asking me questions I can’t answer

Her walk lecturing me on the way of the world

I welcome it all