A Love Letter to my Converse

Yes, I am writing about my shoes.

Dearest Converse,

First of all I wanted to thank you for everything. You are my heart and ~sole~😉. From the moment I saw you, I knew I had to have you. Being my frugal and borderline stingy self, I refused to pay for the full-price Converse. If I had, I wouldn’t have found you. Priced at a low $25, I couldn’t resist using the money from my mediocre, minimum wage job to make you mine. Not only were you a good price, but you were unique as well. With a light stonewashed look, you stole my heart with one glance. It’s hard to believe I’ve had you for just over a year, with everything we’ve been through.

From Tallahassee, to Chicago, all over my hometown, to Ybor and Tampa and St. Pete, to Plumtree NC and Boone and Asheville, to Marietta GA, to Lynchburg VA and all the places in between, you’ve been my trusty, slightly smelly steed through it all. Once pristine white rubber is now tinted orange from the North Carolina dirt. Once soft, white laces are now trampled, black and blue from the puddles and distress of the blacktop. Your fine canvas is now torn to shreds, compliments of my dogs wonderful taste in shoes.

the good ol’ days :’(

Nevertheless, the day I retire you will be a very sad day. We’ve walked so many miles together, we’ve truly seen it all (well, most of it anyways). Kudos to you for always being something I know I feel confident wearing; I feel like myself when I wear my Converse. There’s something to a pair of shoes that are both functional and just fashionable enough to be called “fashionable”. So thank you to my still beautiful but severely beat-up Converse. Love you guys.

With highest regard,


7.23.16 // truly a mountain-top experience tbh
9.3.16 // even with your bumps and bruises, you’re still fine as wine (or iced coffee)
9.12.15 // friends who wear converse together stay together??
9.26.15 // ah. Chi-Town. so many city blocks were walked in these shoes.
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