5 Tips to Have a Happy Life :

Apr 20 · 4 min read

1- Inner Peace

The fundamental requirement to live happily is to plant the happiness in you. I believe happiness starts from within our body and our minds. That is the reason why the 4 other tips are directly connected to inner peace. Some people get their inner peace from meditation or from religion. Some people get their inner peace by helping others achieving something. I can describe inner peace as your purpose in life. As soon as you find your purpose in life, It becomes very easy for you to settle down and have a peaceful relationship with yourself.

Inner peace is also the hardest step to achieve but it is a requirement to start a priceless life.

2- Healthy Living

The 3 advises I can give to anyone for a healthy life are:

  • Have good eating habits : (avoid consuming big amounts of substances like alcohol, bad fats, sweet food, drugs). The problem is they can bring you to addiction and a non-control state.
  • Sport regularly: With the development of technologies and distraction all around the world, people do not exercise enough. We have the bus, the metro, personal cars… to make our life easier. But you should remember your body is like a machine. You need to do some controlled physical activity to boost your form and also to be in harmony with your body.
  • Sleep well: We spend a big amount of our lives sleeping and this how everybody can get an internal balance. Good sleeping is more than the number of hours we have with eyes closed. Sleeping is about resting the body and sometimes the mind. So try to specify the time in the day where you can sleep peacefully with no interruption and keep the discipline at that time every day.

3- Get a Social Life

We are humans, we are not supposed to live alone. We all have some bad time and there is nothing we need more at that moment than the ears or the affection of people we love, people we care about. Living alone is not a very bad thing. Some experts even think community lifestyle is bad for oneself.

But think a little bit, don't you want to share what you know or what you have with people who need that? Don’t you think you deserve some love and affection?

It is true our system show examples of betrayal and dishonour among human relationships. That is why you should prioritize the quality over the quantity. Get yourself a partner!

4- Be Independent

Yeah! That is right. Why should you depend on something or somebody?

Unfortunately, there are so many addicting elements and activities around us that threaten our life and integrity. And our children are not out of danger.

Getting out of dependence is a very big fight not easy to achieve and nobody has the miracle medicine to solve this problem. But never be ashamed to ask for help.

5- Respect The Rules

This tip is very controversial because it tends to dependency and the acceptance of the rules impose upon us by the system.

Humanity is part of the huge system. We can define ourselves as a member of the earth system or as part of nature. Others pretend to be part of heaven.

All that surrounds us affect us either directly or indirectly. The question is to respect the rules that will not alter the relations we have with ourselves, our families, our job, our nature, our peace. Respect the rules or be ready to pay the consequences, It is a matter of choice.


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Engineer guy, Independent consultant and Advocate for Sustainable development,

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