Keep Screen Doors Open for Fresh Air

While it used to be common for people to leave screen doors open when in the house, the practice has declined due to concerns about safety and security. This is especially true for those who live alone. Leaving the room when the outside door is open can be dangerous today. Intruders can walk right into the home. They can rob the house, hide until night time, or become violent.

Other Issues

Intruders are the biggest concern, but there are other issues with regular screen doors that can be unsafe. Young children may open the door and wander out. Kids are fast and can escape in the time it takes to use the bathroom or check the laundry. They can follow a kitten right into traffic, get lost, or become injured. The worst scenario is the child being abducted before you realize she has left.

Noisy neighbors, kids passing by, or even friends may feel free to enter without knocking. They may mean the family no harm, but they are still invading privacy. A delivery person might open the screen door just to set a package inside the door. This can result in a pet getting out, or a major scare when arriving in the kitchen to find a parcel set by the patio door.

Taking Charge

Some people choose to close and lock the exterior doors at all times to feel safe. That is quite a high cost, both financially, and lifestyle-wise. This decreases the natural light that enters the house, requires the air conditioning to be operating even on days with a cool breeze, and denies inhabitants fresh air, hearing the birds, and enjoying the view. Before resorting to drastic measures, explore the latest generation of security doors.

Security Screen Doors

Patented technology, unique installation techniques, and strong screen material have been combined by a few manufacturers to create security doors that keep people out when the storm door is open. Most are custom made for a perfect fit on any type of door space. Standard entrance doors, sliding glass doors, stacking ones, bi-folds, double-sized doors, and French style doors are all able to be accommodated with security screen doors.

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