Human Love

He loved me and let me down

I followed a path to self-freedom.

Then I loved him with bright eyes

He loved me and let me down.

I jumped to new depths, alone.

Again I found him.

He loved me and let me down.

I stood tall and turned away.

I walked and walked, until

again on his knees a longing in his eye.

He loved me and let me down.

I loved him and let myself down.

We loved until we realized we were down.

Is the love of another merely a distraction,

pulling away my truth, my sanity, my vision?

I set you down, I set him down, I set man’s love down.

For I love my deepest desires more than his touch.

He still calls on the nape of my neck, like I’m calling and craving;

I wrap myself in lines of words which carry me through not blindly but


Without you I am awake, because asleep in your arms I am not safe.

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