The Liberation of Rejection

To say I'm comfortable with rejection would be a false statement. I mean, it’s only natural isn't it? It’s probably because of the close association between rejection and failure. The two aren't linked as far as I'm concerned.

Something I often forget is the liberation that comes with being rejected. It doesn't stop me being nervous about the whole thing but it’s nice to get an answer or some feedback even if it’s not what you were hoping for.

Last week I submitted a piece of writing to an ad hoc fiction contest and made it to their list of published pieces for people to vote on. I didn't win the contest but to even be on the list felt like an achievement. This week I entered again (a different story) and my piece wasn't even nominated. Rather than feeling disappointed I felt pleased knowing that they didn't publish everything and that my work last week was good enough to make the cut. This has inspired me to push on and improve.

It’s not just with writing though, I've found putting myself out there can be difficult but often the reward is satisfying. You might not get what you want but the life lessons you learn along the way is the real prize.