The Benefits of Establishing a Virtual Contact Center

The BPO industry will always be a prime contributor to global business growth. Contact Centers are frequently being utilized for all varieties of business processes — inquiries, orders, sales, management, counseling, emergencies, and the list is almost endless. Any business that doesn’t rely on a call center service will lose a higher market position regarding profit and growth. Now, the spotlight is drifting away from the traditional onsite call center. Business owners are now focusing on the apparent usefulness of a Virtual Contact Center.

The largest differences between Virtual and Onsite (aka ‘Brick and Mortar’) are conceptual, physical and logistical; all calls and transactions are handled by agents in different physical locations. This has been possible with the help of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology. Naturally, Virtual Contact Centers are logistically different compared to physical centers, but they have the potential to deliver flexible and unhindered services.

If you want to enter the call center industry, yet you do not have a large pool of resources or capital, why not start with a virtual service center?

There are many benefits that await you.

Manageable Upfront Costs

Cost is the biggest hurdle that can stop Contact Centers from getting established. Depending on the size of the center, costs can reach thousands of dollars with a blink of an eye. If you managed to fork over the outrageous startup costs, monthly upkeep could drag you down, ‘nickel and diming’ you to death. You also need to worry about hiring processes, data management systems, and external fees. With a virtual call center, your upfront costs are lowered by as much as 75%. This is because you can operate your business from your home or any other place in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. You can become a freelancer, running your own business. Imagine this: you only need to secure a computer or laptop, a stable internet connection, and other simple accessories that can make your work simpler. Those things are far less expensive than the components of physical Contact Centers making the track to Return On Investment incredibly swift.

Greater Time Leverage

Time is a resource, and you must do everything to maximize its utilization. A virtual call center can help you save time because your physical presence is not necessary for managing your team. Additionally, your agents can be located anywhere on the globe, and without the need for travel, flexible schedules can help cover a variety of shifts and hours. You can simply monitor performance levels through the system (assuming you are using a hosted cloud-based solution) and communicate directly with the team or individual agents. You can even monitor their calls and score their quality if you choose the correct system. The extra time you gain empowers you to focus on growth, strategy, and stakeholder satisfaction.Total Mobility

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