The Best Call Center Solutions For Improving Customer Support Service

Customer support should be the main focus of every contact center. This should be obvious right from the start, but many centers are lost in the humdrum of daily details and micromanagement. Managers and team leaders are also too concerned about reports and metrics, somehow forgetting the real needs of the customer. Once bad feedback hits the center, that’s the time most leaders seek for resolution methods. Effective customer support service should be practiced in a proactive way — not reactive. Instead of getting sidetracked by center-wide performance issues, center leaders should deal with long-term customer support mechanics.

Are you looking for some reliable call center solutions focused on customer service? If so, then you can start with these effective strategies:

Conduct Customer Service Immersion Trainings

In any call center, it’s normal to have regular trainings. These trainings will keep everyone in the same boat and can also point out different areas for improvement. However, some training sessions can actually affect a team’s performance negatively. If a training session has become too intrusive, little results can be achieved. This will be counterproductive in the long run. A good strategy is to change a ‘general approach’ training session into a specialized customer service immersion program. In this program, the agents will know how to deal with the target customer by focusing on needs, desires, and the emotions at play. Understanding customer profiles is also important because customers are usually separated into various demographic categories. Customer service immersion trainings can also serve as refresher sessions for regular agents.

Provide In-Depth Coaching to Agents

Coaching is very important in any call center because it shows that leaders actually care for their agents. Apparently, coaching can also be used to help an agent refocus on the key aspects of customer service. In-depth coaching can be divided into several stages; the first stage is the usual performance review. This stage will emphasize the strong and weak points of the agent’s performance. Following that, the leader can point out why the agent lacked in customer service parameters. Feedback points can then be used as references for the coaching. Lastly, the leader and the agent will set new goals geared towards proper customer service delivery. These goals should have long-term positive effects.

Prioritize High-Quality Monitoring

Monitoring the performance of everyone in a call center can be tiresome if you don’t have a reliable platform in place. In this case, you should focus on high-quality monitoring and choose a powerful call center platform. Review all the viewpoints and discuss them openly with your team. If the center’s overall customer service rate is low, efficient monitoring tactics should be implemented.

Use Customer Feedback as Analytical Framework

If the customer is the life force of any call center, customer feedback is the bridge towards better performance. Customer feedback is important because it can help you figure out the right strategies for raising your customer service level. Feedback points will serve as important factors in your center’s analytical framework. Make sure that your center has an efficient way of gathering customer feedback.

Implement Customer Service Benchmark

Customer service benchmarking is the process of comparing your center’s performance rating to other competitors. Benchmarking can be divided into many types, and customer service seems a popular option. To implement proper customer service benchmarking process, you need to gather all the center’s reports in a streamlined manner. These reports should be focused on the ways your agents handled their calls. Were they able to solve the customer’s problem in one instance? How long did it take to solve the problem? Did the customer leave satisfying feedback? These are just few of the basic questions that must be answered to keep your benchmark process effective. You should also discuss benchmarking tactics with the supervisors in your center.

Consider Equipment Upgrades

After running though all of your processes and methods, you may actually realize that equipment seems to be the problem. In this case, you should run a full diagnostics of the center’s infrastructure. You probably need equipment upgrades or checkups. Some of the most common equipment issues that you’ll encounter are headset damage, computer virus issues, software incompatibility, wear and tear, and inconsistent network setup. For fixing equipment issues, you may need to contact a professional team.

Build Social Media Presence

Nowadays, customers use social media to look for solutions to their problems. This is logical, especially now that social media can reach thousands of end users every day. If you want your center to attain high customer service rating, you need to allocate manpower towards social media presence. Facebook should be the starting point because people linger in this platform for at least 4 hours daily. There should be a dedicated rep for your Facebook page and other social media channels. The rep will answer all of customer queries and other potential concerns. As your call center keeps on growing, you should add more agents for maintaining social media presence. Aside from handling concerns, your agents should also take care of putting up interesting content in your social media accounts. An alternative: social media management can be outsourced if you want to save up on costs.

CallShaper: All About Customer Service Advantage

If you want to improve the customer service level of your call center, you need to have the right platform for the task. CallShaper is one of the best choices that you’ll find in the market today. Simple yet inherently powerful, CallShaper has helped dozens of contact centers all over the world. Once you’ve utilized the CallShaper infrastructure, you’ll be able to monitor your center’s progress and implement objective strategies. These strategies can then improve you center’s overall customer service rate.

Here are CallShaper’s key services:

· User-friendly agent dashboard

· Efficient supervisor tools

· Advanced and real-time lead management

· Professional call monitoring process

· Campaign reports

· API Integration

Focusing on customer service will bring you contact center to great heights of success. It won’t happen overnight, but little changes that you make today can surely make an impact. Request a CallShaper demo today and see how it can change your center’s performance!