CALL-TO-ACTION — November 19, 2016

Since it’s the weekend and Washington is closed, focus on the *trusted and verified* news sources this weekend who are showing you who Trump is appointing.

Also take note about what the PEOTUS is choosing to focus on in his tweets. (hint: not the 700+ hate crimes that have happened in his name in two weeks)

Start making lists about why you think certain appointments are good/bad and we’ll be back to it Monday with direct information about where you can call to make your voice heard.

Here are three of the appointments:

Steve Bannon for Chief Strategist

Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

Mike Flynn for National Security Advisor

One other thing to prepare for this coming week:

Congresswoman, Katherine Clark from MA has introduced a BILL to ensure U.S. Presidents RESLOVE any conflicts of interest before taking office. Current law prohibits federal office holders from engaging in government business when they stand to gain profit. The President and Vice President are currently exempt from this statute. Clark’s Presidential Accountability Act removes this exemption and requires the President and Vice President to place their assets in a certified blind trust or disclose to the Office of Government Ethics and the public when they make a decision that affects their personal finances.

For next week, you’ll want to contact your Congresspeople and ask that they sign on to support Congresswoman Clark’s Bill.

Don’t know who your Congresspeople are? FIND THEM HERE

Don’t give up!