eMedia Interactive Limited & Point Global Marketing Merger

In July 2008, eMedia Interactive Limited opened its doors as Jamaica’s first Digital Media company. We have grown tremendously since, attracting an investment from Sagicor Investments in 2011, in addition to assembling a strong Board of Directors.

In 2012, we started producing branded content for companies and based on the successes, were compelled to launch Jamaica’s first Digital Creative Agency — Branded by eMedia in 2014. Branded by eMedia has grown significantly, producing strong creative output for international clients such as BBC and large companies locally — mainly in the financial industry.

We have reached yet another milestone. I’m pleased to announce that eMedia Interactive Limited has entered into an agreement with Point Global Marketing that involves a merger of both companies. Point Global Marketing is led by Javette Nixon — a passionate, capable and visionary CEO who in just four years has been able to build a strong company — serving clients such as Jamaica Producers Group Ltd., Mavis Bank Coffee, in addition to LifeSpan and other major brands locally and internationally. Together, eMedia and Point Global bring a larger creative team, greater efficiencies and a notable increase in technical capabilities and content production know-how.

The name of the company remains the same (eMedia Interactive Limited) and I will continue to be President & CEO. Javette Nixon will become Chief Operating Officer of eMedia Interactive Limited in addition to being the President of Point Global Marketing — now a division of eMedia Interactive. eMedia will, on November 1, cease to use the name Branded by eMedia as the name for our agency and will be using Point Global Marketing. This is a great move that will definitely support our mandate to become one of Jamaica’s largest content companies.

This merger represents a major landmark in the company’s journey and I am most grateful to our clients who have believed in us over the years and based on you doing more work with us, have urged us to build a larger and more capable team that can bring MORE services to you.