Learn how to create dynamic websites using the Java programming language with this java web application tutorial

All Levels, — 10 hours, 64 lectures

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Course requirements:

Basic Java knowledge
 Ideally basic HTML and SQL knowledge
 Basic computer and Internet skills

Course description:

In this Java web application tutorial I’ll show you how to create dynamic websites using the core technologies of Java web programming. If you want to create your own interactive websites, if you know some Java and you want to take your skills to the next level, or if you want hot skills for the job marketplace, this Java web application tutorial course is for you.

In this Java web application tutorial course you’ll learn how to:

Leverage the power of Java to create dynamic websites
 Deploy your applications for free on the Internet
 Use and understand core server-side Java web technologies

I’ll show you how to take your basic Java knowledge and use it to create websites using the same technologies (servlets, JSPs and JSTL) that everyone from self-employed web developers to huge corporations use to create modern interactive web sites.

Full details
 Understand the core technologies of modern Java web programming
 Know how to develop and deploy your own websites using Java
 Anyone who wants to create websites that interact with databases
 Java programmers who want to learn web programming skills
 Java beginners who want to learn more Java and enjoy a challenge


“It helps to get started with Java web development very quickly. Very easy to follow. Though several topics are not covered, i.e. filters, overall it is very solid course. Thank you, John.” (Vyacheslav Lazarev)
“pretty good course, I would give 5 stars if the content was less improvised and more organized and systematic for example by using some charts.
 By the way if the way the lecturer teach was more energetic would be perfect because it means passion and that is contagious.
 Thx for the course from Taiwan” (Shen Jiashen Huang)
“I took this course to refresh my memory on Servlets and jsps. I must say that it accomplished in this aspect and that newcomers will have a lot to learn here.
 * Click by click tutorials so you cannot miss anything. You can learn a lot, how JEE is integrated with Eclipse
 * Forces you to type code along with the author.
 * Most examples are written from scratch.
 * First few chapters have good examples
 * Picture Squirrel is a very good practical example.
 * Course needs to be updated to the new technologies, fix code errors that appeared with upgrade to new java and tomcat. Database examples will benefit from try-with-resource statements
 * I am not sure if author has created these tutorials on the fly during some live broadcast, but he really needs to prepare before recording these courses. During some videos, he simply decides to switch design approaches that he took early on, thus making code obsolete that he wrote moments ago. I am all for intentional mistakes to prove some point, but design choices must be defined at the beginning and should not be deviated from.
 * Chapter 4 should provide more examples about given concepts. Some in-depth information about servlet, jsp and tomcat lifecycle would be helpful for course completeness.
 * Account example in database chapter could have been much better. Author decided to deviate from its well establish method of showing you everything from scratch and skip servlet related parts to show only database related parts. True, nothing here is something that we haven’t already seen, but, for the sake of course completeness, should be there. At least, author should provide starting example of code on which he will add things that he presented.
 * There are no examples nor even mentions of Servlet listeners and filters!! 10 hour course should have at least mentioned them as they are commonly used and they are part of servlet specification.” (Dusan Kostic)

About Instructor:

John Purcell

After working as a software developer and contractor for over 14 years for a whole bunch of companies including CSC, Proquest, SPSS and AT&T in the UK and Netherlands, I decided to work full-time as a private software trainer. I now live in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary, from where I run the website Cave of Programming.

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