My Introduction to The Tech Industry

For the three years I chased my degree in computing, something which I always found myself interested in but never realised that I might wind up writing an article. This week has been my entrance into the ground floor of software engineering at Sky Betting & Gaming.

So this will be my first article, essentially it will be to discuss the atmosphere and to inform others who will later be in my position what to expect when they first join the technical industry. Firstly the atmosphere that strikes you everywhere you are is growth, everything is growing, improving and expanding. Which is partially why I chose this industry as my passion.

“there is no effort without error and shortcoming;” — President Teddy Roosevelt

That is the quote of the week which has truly spoke to me as it is incredibly accurate. Although inexperienced when it comes to software engineering, something I am well aware of is the fact that during the course of development you will fail far more times than you will succeed, it is the eventual hope that you will succeed that drives you onwards.

The key thing I believe is mandatory is a certain passion for technology, whichever sector of the industry you are working in there is a massive level of growth. If you are not interested or passionate about the industry then you will struggle to keep up with the new things which emerge almost daily.

This section will discuss my discovery of the Command Line. Having studied Computing three years I have encountered terminals and the Command Line before but only this week have I really understood the usefulness of it.

"because good programmers are fundamentally lazy” — Greg Kemnitz discussing the command line

Firstly the main point, create lots of alias’, not only does it make navigating much easier (Changing “cd ..” to “up”to move up a directory and so on) but also to make more complicated tasks simpler(changing “chmod 444 *” to “*read” which will restrict everyone to read only permissions). These, along with a couple of other quite simple additions have taken the command line from having to type out long arduous statements to being able to navigate quite fluidly with a short sentence.

The command line, as I have discovered this week, is an essential tool for any developer as it is a massive time saver when using text editors within the prompt. I enthuse anyone just starting out to seek out the code academy tutorial on command line as it really does an excellent job of hammering home the basics to a new developer or even someone who has used the command line and just wants a refresher.

You will feel daunted. If you are new to the industry then your are more than likely to feel very dumbstruck upon your first week, it may pass, you may be lucky and you may never feel this but it will only spur you on if you feel it and it will encourage you to learn more, increase your skills and become the industry leader and innovator that I’m sure that you will be.

I think the way I have been able to shake that feeling is by reading a lot of articles on time management and work momentum. This allowed me to start getting more organised with where my time is being wasted and also when I am being most efficient so that I can then use that time to read articles practice command line test.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” — Ken Blanchard (American Management Expert)

Something which is definitely worth remembering, the company you work for, whether it happens to be a start up or a huge multinational corporation. They are not there to stump you up, each and every one of your now colleagues is there to support you and ensure you strive in your new environment. Use that, don’t get caught isolated and struggling , just ask for help. Camaraderie and teamwork is essential in this industry to ensure personal development. Nobody can know everything, but a group of people can get much closer than an isolated person will.

In summary, if you are someone who is keen on learning new things, there is no better industry for you. Myself, I couldn’t think of a better career or industry to be getting to at this stage. I hope there are people out there who may have found this article helpful, or areas of it which may have resonated amongst yourselves.