Pret’s Christmas Lunch 2018: The Sandwich

Well, if that isn’t the loveliest sight of the year. That’s right, it’s next-month-is-Christmas-month month which means Pret’s Christmas menu is back. This year, in addition to the regular Christmas Lunch sandwich and its veggie/vegan counterparts, we have a Christmas Lunch baguette (similar fillings to the sandwich but in long form), mint or orange hot chocolate to wash it down, and a crème brûlée or gingerbread flavour latte wake you back up for the afternoon. There are a few other festive variations on existing sandwiches and some holiday-themed treats, but we won’t be looking at most of those due to a heavy presence of pecans (they’re kinda deathy for me) across the range. Onward.

As you may remember from last year, I have rather greedy eyes and they can get the better of me in sandwich selection (a delicate and mindful process). Unfortunately, my own recall is not so good. That’s why when Pret’s Christmas Sandwich was released for 2018 on November 6th, I immediately picked up the fattest one I could find.

As you can see, and as I might have noticed if I weren’t so eager to get this deliciousness into my belly, greedy sandwich selection can lead to a less than optimal distribution of fillings. Fortunately, while they weren’t spread evenly across the sandwich plane (is that a term? that can be a term), they were pretty perfectly balanced in terms of pure quantity. By opening my mouth as wide as my eyes had been that meant I could get a good amount of everything in each bite, and my my was I satisfied.

The crunch stood out first. The spinach was more crisp than I remember, like the sandwich was only recently compiled from its basic ingredients giving no time for anything to get soggy. The crispy onions were plenty and held true to their name, much more so than in many previous reviews. Most impressive is that all of this is despite the generous helping of sauce, much fruitier this time I thought — though I’ve looked through past postings and I’m pretty sure at least the name (port and orange cranberry sauce) is unchanged — which brought a nice extra tang to the pleasantly complex combination of flavours. I think I might even have even been greeted by some accidental mango chutney (please don’t add accidental pecans, Pret) which, while not part of the traditional flavour palette, wasn’t unwelcome. I almost completely forgot about the mayo, as while there was just enough to maintain the bread-turkey bond (this is crucial as it keeps the sandwich’s shape when you hold it turkey-layer-down, preventing the bread from flopping down and spilling your ingredients all over the keyboard you shouldn’t be eating at) and providing a subtle base to other flavours, it barely registered as its own ingredient which is a perfect measure to me. In all honesty I can’t find anything to fault here outside of my own poor choice of over-stuffed sandwich. This one gets a 14 on the Forel-Ule scale.

As I mentioned before, we also have the Christmas Lunch baguette to look forward to (I predict the sandwich will reign supreme with its superior bread:filling ratio) alongside a whole host of jolly new drinks, so stay tuned for more soon, probably. If you want to be first to know you can follow me on twitter where I also complain about technology and late buses.