The Russian Hacking Fallacy: Cold War Deuxième Partie

Opinion piece, news commentary, media and politics.

You know the establishment elites are becoming desperate when they pull a conspiracy card right out of the Cold War vaults. We are led to believe the Russians hacked the DNC, leaked a number of classified emails (please, everyone stop sending the Clinton’s emails, try carrier pigeons) and ultimately influenced the national election.

So, naturally we have to ask the question: where is the evidence?

Apparently, the evidence of Russian interference comes from top level CIA operatives with “sufficient” intel. The mainstream media did not waste anytime trying to manufacture consent of the conspiracy with their perpetual 24/7 news cycles, bringing various political commentators and security “experts” on screen.

If this saga turns out to hold the level of intelligence that brought us “weapons of mass destruction”, we’re in serious trouble. Both British and American shadow governments have been notorious in using misinformation and subterfuge to mislead the public to the benefit of special interests and the privileged few.

It might be hard to believe, but I feel the public are becoming more sophisticated and more skeptical of information fed through traditional sources. The old guards methods of propaganda through mainstream media outlets are starting to crumble from within.

‘Manufacturing consent’ is a term coined by Noam Chomsky, famous linguistic, historian and social critic. Chomsky eloquently stated that “Propaganda is to democracy what violence is to a dictatorship”. The means to which propaganda is being filtered is starting to weaken in The Western world, as public confidence in the information they are receiving dramatically dwindles.

If I could convince anyone to do anything, it would be to turn off CNN, MSNBC, BBC News, Fox News, CNBC etc., disregard the USA Today, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal as they no longer serve the interests of the public. Instead, invest your time in independent news media and watchdog journalism.

The key to information is the key to power. We must be diligent of the holders.