Do iPhones Dream of Electric Sheep?

I wrote this title not really knowing what it meant or how I could relate it to a story I had, and after much thought and flowing creative juices, I’ve come up with nothing. Not even a spec of an idea, a small drop of creative water on my little idea of a seed. Alas, the creative soil is barren and unwatered.

Ideas are a fickle and somewhat mythic creature, they are often talked about but rarely seen or materialised. Much like the Loch Ness Monster, talked about in Pubs and among friends, but have they ever actually seen it themselves? Those that have, do we really believe them, or are they just crazy and stupid?

Ideas often rest in our heads and never get up. Much like a lazy teenager, a lot of moaning why they can’t do it, or that it’s not the right time. With the introduction of the internet and the iPhone, you would think that everybody would be sharing their ideas and creativity with the world. But no, instead they share pictures of cats, and female genitalia. It seems that due to the vast and seemingly endless content on the internet and social media, people often feel like their ideas and opinions are not worth being shared, or that they won’t be seen or acknowledged. I was one of them, until I wrote this, at 1 am slightly buzzed of four coffees and a digestive biscuit.

So I guess to sum this pointless and rather rambling post is this; Ideas are like children, you must conceive them, let them grow and finally you must send them off into the world, otherwise you’ll end up with a 30 year old man still living at home with his parents, asking you for a tenner to buy a six pack of red stripe…



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